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John Carpenter was delighted to work with R.P.A and Luas on the design and development of the 130 ft mural at the Belgard Luas station in Dublin.

In consultation with Tony Williams of R.P.A it was decided that the mural should depict scenes of Dublin City as it was in the 1950s remove colon, and that it should be painted in the style of L.S. Lowry, known for his “Matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs”.

We chose many public buildings for this project, the G.P.O, Trinity College, City Hall. However we were also careful to ensure that working class streets of old were also included, for example, Winetavern Street / Thomas Davis Street etc.

In our painting of the Ha’penny Bridge we included an Irish round tower and used the bridge as a conduit through time, in order to take us to our modern round tower – “The Spire”.

John Carpenter, (Dublin) John Russell (Dublin and Australia) and Sandra Johnston (Dublin) worked for two weeks to paint the mural and we thank all the new friends we made on the station. Many thanks to The Boys from L and L Autos and our neighbours for their support.

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