An Practice of Mindfulness

A great mystery has surrounded the art of drawing, and yet any one can Draw and Paint.

“The practice of mindfulness meditation evoked in me the same response from me that drawing did. My state of mind during meditation was no different to when I was drawing.” Wendy Ann Greenhalgh

From Cave Man drawings, to Michael Angelo, De Vinca to Pablo Picasso, man and woman have felt a need to express themselves through drawing and painting. A great allure mysterious has surrounded the art of drawing and yet Anyone Can Draw and Paint.

To formally plan, set yearly goals, thinking of terms of rules, goals planning and schedules. We need to pull our results back to now.

John has introduced over 5000 adults to the joy of drawing and painting over the last 15 plus years and has being involved in projects with LUAS, Fingal, Meath and Kildare County Council. John works with schools, drug rehabs and back to school etc….

Join our programme and in two hours you will discover. You can draw, you can paint.