About me

In school in the early 60’s the only thing I was good at was art, 90% plus for every exam for two years, I had some idea of working in the advertising industry. When I went to the careers guidance teacher with my dad. he looked at my results and said “Oh Yes, you should be a fitter welder. “WHAT“, well it will it was the early 60s, and it was a trade, a job for life. So I went off and became a joiner welder which I hated. After some years I got into business in sales and marketing, I sent 35year there in which I enjoyed.

In my early 50s for health reasons I returned to art and created a new life in art for myself.

During that time I started painting murals and worked on a number of projects such as ESB, Luas and various industries in the Dublin areas, these projects lead me to facilitated art classes in libraries in Dublin, Meath and Kildare.

During that period I worked youth education and drug rehab and also introducing art to the nations schools.

My first passion was drawing and I still gat satisfaction form the media. I love the freshness of watercolour using line, wash. Most of my work involves acrylic painting.